Anthony Edge Shares His Hairdressing Mastery at H2O Salon

At H2O Salon in Metairie, we were thrilled to host Anthony Edge, a world-renowned hairstylist and educator, as part of our ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation. Anthony, recently awarded the title of Hairstylist of the Year at the Southwest Hairstyling Awards, has significantly influenced the hairdressing industry with his expertise and creative vision.

Inspiring Excellence Through Education

Anthony Edge, with over 30 years of experience, shared his extensive knowledge and cutting-edge techniques with our talented team. His role as the International Artistic Director for Toni & Guy London and his global experience have equipped him with unique insights into the latest trends and styles. His visit to H2O Salon in Metairie was an incredible opportunity for our stylists to learn from one of the best in the industry, further enhancing their skills and creativity.

A Creative Visionary

Anthony Edge is not just a hairstylist; he is a true creative visionary whose work is deeply influenced by various subcultures and contemporary trends. He draws inspiration from street art and the vibrant urban scenes he encounters in his travels, seamlessly integrating these elements into his innovative hairstyles. This artistic vision is evident in his annual collections at EDGE Academy, where he showcases bold, expressive styles that push the boundaries of traditional hairdressing.

Anthony’s ability to merge artistic expression with technical skill sets him apart in the industry, making his work both visually striking and technically impeccable. At H2O Salon in Metairie, we are inspired by Anthony’s approach and strive to incorporate his creative philosophies into our own practices. His influence encourages our stylists to think outside the box, experiment with new techniques, and ultimately deliver unique, personalized styles to our clients.

salon spa in metairie - Anthony Edge Shares His Hairdressing Mastery at H2O Salon

Building a Community of Passionate Stylists

Anthony and his wife, Gloria, are passionate about fostering a sense of community within the hairdressing industry. Their dedication to education and talent development is exemplified by their work at EDGE Academy, where they host events like “Open Chair Night.” These gatherings bring together stylists of all levels to share ideas, techniques, and inspiration. This sense of community and continuous learning is something we proudly embrace at H2O Salon in Metairie.

Elevating H2O Salon in Metairie

Hosting Anthony Edge at H2O Salon was a testament to our commitment to providing the highest level of service and creativity to our clients. His expertise and innovative approach have left a lasting impact on our team, ensuring that our salon remains a leader in the industry. At H2O Salon in Metairie, we strive to deliver exceptional artistry and personalized experiences, inspired by the world-class training and inspiration from experts like Anthony Edge.

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